History of The Association

We are a fairly new association. We were founded in 2007 by animal lovers who privately volunteered in animal protection, but also had experience in working with other animal protection organizations.

The association consists solely of volunteers. Our main goals are: Spreading awareness for animal protection through education and counseling, and fostering an understanding for the character of the animals

We care for abandoned, abused, ill, and injured animals. Since our association does not operate its own animal shelter, they are being cared for (within the scope of our abilities) by volunteers in their own homes. There they receive medical attention and care until they can be adopted out to their forever homes.

To make all of this possible the animals need your support.

We kindly ask you to support them with your donations.

To make a donation for the neutering of feral cats:


VR Bank Bayreuth-Hof eG

IBAN: DE11 7806 0896 0008 7684 98


We are happy to provide donation receipts for tax purposes. To receive a donation receipt, please write “Spende” and add your name and address in the referral part of the transaction slip.