Our Purpose

We are a registered charity that cares for abandoned, abused, sick, and injured animals including bunnies, guinea pigs, hamsters, dogs, and rats. Our main focus is cats. Since we do not operate an animal shelter, rescue animals are housed in private foster homes. There they receive veterinary care and are nurtured until they can be adopted into their forever homes. 

We also conduct preliminary inspections during the adoption process, advice on the acquisition of pets, and follow up on reports on the improper keeping of animals.

Over the years we have built a large network of partners in our task of animal protection. These partners work directly with us and keep us apprised of the welfare of their assigned foster pets.

The most important part of our task is the support of feral cats. These animals cannot adapt to cohabitation with humans. In order to prevent uncontrolled reproduction, and therefore an increase in suffering, we run a catch/neuter/release program. During their stay at the veterinary facility the cats receive all necessary medical attention and are dewormed. After that they are re-released into their familiar surroundings and are cared for and fed on site by volunteers.

Currently there is no law requiring the neutering or chipping of pets in Bavaria. Therefore these services can only be provided if the owners take on part of the costs or make a donation.